Which rebreather?

Which rebreather? - Rebreatherpro-Training

As we can offer training on a number of different manufactures of rebreathers, we are in the perfect position to be able to offer you impartial advice on which unit and type of unit would be best for you

Units we can train you on include_
- SF2 Backmount and Sidemount
- CCR Liberty
- Hollis Prism2
- Triton Chest Mounted
- Ambient Pressure Inspiration
- Ambient Pressure Evolution and Evolution Plus
- Ambient Pressure Classic
- Poseidon MkVI
- Poseidon Seven

XCCR by iQsub - Rebreatherpro-Training

XCCR by iQsub

Compact and ergonomic design facilitates easy tool-less assembly and maintenance. Ergonomically designed hardware and software designed to reduce huma... read more »

JJ CCR the 4x4 of rebreathers - Rebreatherpro-Training

JJ CCR the 4x4 of rebreathers

Simplicity and versatility are the key factors The JJ-CCR is built for whatever dive you have in mind. The JJ-CCR Rebreather is designed and built to... read more »

CCR Liberty by Dive Soft - Rebreatherpro-Training

CCR Liberty by Dive Soft

What would happen if you were exploring a deep wreck and a jagged piece of steel tore away one of the computers circled in red? Nothing. And what if a... read more »

Hollis Prism 2 - Rebreatherpro-Training

Hollis Prism 2

The Prism 2 is a fully closed circuit Rebreather, ideal for exploring open ocean, cave, or wrecks. This unit can be electronically or manually control... read more »

Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather - Rebreatherpro-Training

Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather

The TRITON is a mechanical closed circuit rebreather. Unlike other rebreathers The TRITON is chest mount ,this peculiarity allows it to have the abili... read more »

AP Inspiration, Evolution and Evolution Plus with Vision - Rebreatherpro-Training

AP Inspiration, Evolution and Evolution Plus with Vision

It's a Vision Thing The new APD Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) with Vision electronics – the Evolution and Inspiration Vision are every bit as rev... read more »

SF2 Back mounted and Side Mounted ECCR - Rebreatherpro-Training

SF2 Back mounted and Side Mounted ECCR

About the SF2 Keep it simple! This was the philosophy for the development of the 1st SF2 which seems to have been achieved. In comparison to other uni... read more »

Poseidon MKVI - Rebreatherpro-Training

Poseidon MKVI

The Poseidon MKVI and Seven is the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers. It’s a fully­ closed, fully ­automated unit that will make... read more »

Congratulations to Kevin - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Kevin

Congratulations to Kevin who completed his TDI JJ-CCR crossover course this week at Stoney Cove !! Kevin’s CCR journey has been an up and down experience so far, but now I think he has the a rebrea... read more »

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan who completed their TDI Advanced Mixed Gas Hypoxic Trimix course last weekend at NDAC !! Everyone came on leaps and bounds during the course and it was a pleas... read more »

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