Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather

Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather Rebreatherpro-Training

The TRITON is a mechanical closed circuit rebreather. Unlike other rebreathers The TRITON is chest mount ,this peculiarity allows it to have the ability to be adaptable.

The rebreather consists of a Kevlar bag, protecting the counter-lungs and the 2.1kg of sodalime scubber*. The hose connections have been developed by M3S on clip system basis. This enables easy assembly; so much so, that the connection will only fit together in the correct way, this makes it almost impossible to invert connectors ( meaning a double security system)

The Breathing hoses are in blue transparent silicone with an antibacterial treatment. The mouth piece ( DSV) was designed to be light in the mouth and easily to handle. All the plastic parts are machined in POM-C The 1.5l oxygen cylinder is fixed under the Kevlar bag.

The 3 oxygens cells allow for the analysis of the inhaled gas.They are located in removable chamber that clips on the inhale counter-lung .

The PpO2 display also utilizing a HUD is set as standard, an optionally computer from Divesoft Freedom can be integrated.

With its 12.2kg ready to dive * The TRITON is the lightest rebreather. Or 7kg ready to travel ** makes the TRITON the preferred rebreather for rebreather travelers

The TRITON is the first and the only mechanical closed circuit rebreather to be certified according to the EN14143:2013 standard and this includes to a depth of 100m.

If you are a Regular or more occasional diver, it is not just the ease of the equipment but the approach and discovery of the underwater flora, fauna, wrecks, that motivate your passion for the scuba diving. You have heard about " tech diving " or "rebreather diving ". However you never dared to go and discover what it really offers you, could this change the way you discover the underwater world? Then, the TRITON, the rebreather made by the company M3S located in France, is made for you, it will answer all your expectations. What is a rebreather in few words: A rebreather is a unit, which allows you to dive by consuming less gas and optimizing the decompression. It recycles the used air expired by our lungs treating it and making it clean to be breathable again, without the slightest small bubble! Without the slightest background noise, which would come to frighten the underwater fauna, the real world of silence finally opens up to you … The TRITON : a new concept of rebreather The TRITON, developed and made by M3S company. It is a new concept of sport rebreather diving, opening up new horizons for the tec-rec dive, as well as for the hardened tech divers or cave divers. The TRITON breaks the current dogmas of what a diving rebreather is by it’s three characteristics: it is small, light and chest mounted.

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  • Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Triton Chest Mounted Rebreather Rebreatherpro-Training