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About Dave Gration - Rebreatherpro-Training

Dave had his first underwater encounter whilst on holiday with family in Spain at the age of 15. Now some 34+ years later. It’s taken him to some of the most amazing diving locations in the world and seen things most can only dream about seeing!!

From the fresh waters of Stoney Cove where he first taught, to the most exotic diving locations with varied marine life, wrecks and caves, he has gained many years of experience in varied conditions and locations, around the world.

Originally, he started out diving through BSAC, but found this held him back from teaching the way he wanted, so he then crossed over to professional training agencies, which gave him the opportunity to teach diving for a living and make it his career of choice.

He first got into technical diving whilst in the U.K, it all started by just wanting to make a few deeper dives that he had read or heard about, which were just out of the reach for recreational diving. However back then there really weren’t the training agencies teaching tech, like there are today.

Dave taught in the U.K for some of the largest dive centres, including running the training side of their businesses. Then decide to make the move abroad, taking the normal instructor route around the globe, until he decided to settle down and own his own Dive Centre in the Canary Islands. Owning and running Dive Academy Gran Canaria located in the south of Gran Canaria for over 10 years, this gave him the opportunity to further his own diving and look into new and more demanding types of deep diving, including the use of rebreathers.

Now having returned to the U.K, which he uses as a base whilst working as a freelance Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, Diving Safety Officer and Equipment Specialist/ Expert Witness throughout Europe.

Dave has been very fortunate to have been working 8 years as a Diving Safety Officer for a number of government enteritis and universities which allows him the opportunity to dive on unknown wrecks and work on archaeological/ scientific diving projects around the world.

He is able to teach all types of Technical diving. He is a full Trimix instructor for TDI, RAID, IANTD, IART, ITDA and PADI in both open and closed-circuit diving, including full cave instructor. For a short time he was also the regional officer for IART (International Association of Rebreather Trainers)

Dave is able to offer rebreather courses to full trimix level on the following rebreathers.

  • XCCR
  • JJ-CCR
  • Lungfish Orca6
  • CCR Liberty backmount
  • CCR Liberty sidemount
  • AP inspiration/Evolution
  • SF2 both back mount and side mount
  • Triton
  • Hollis Prism2
  • Poseidon Mk6/7

Being able to teach on a number of different rebreathers, is good for new rebreather divers as it means he can help you find the right rebreather for your needs and not just the only one he can sell or promote

Rebreatherpro Training is also able to offer DPV courses in both open water and overhead environments.

If you want further information, why not drop us an email and we would be happy to help.

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Member of the following Agencies
  • IART - International Association of Rebreather Trainers  Rebreatherpro-Training
  • International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers  Rebreatherpro-Training
  • PADI TecRec  Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Technical Diving International  Rebreatherpro-Training