The Cargo

The Cargo

The Cargo - Rebreatherpro-Training

The Cargo
The shipwreck consists of a very well preserved cargo made up of various objects. Indeed it is to date the only well-preserved mixed Phoenician cargo to be discovered intact.

Ceramics are concentrated in the middle part of the shipwreck and include amphorae from various parts of the central Mediterranean, as well as various types of urns. What is extraordinary is that to date urns have mainly been discovered in funerary contexts. At least seven types of ceramic containers have been identified including a small jug.

Both extremities of the ship are laden with saddle querns. These were used as grinding stones for the preparation of food. The fact that these stones are not worn down in any way, clearly indicates that they were brand new. Tests carried out on the volcanic rock have confirmed Pantelleria as the place of origin for these querns.

Its age and diverse nature truly make this shipwreck an unique and precious archaeological resource.

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