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Narked at 90

Narked at 90 Ltd is first and foremost a engineering company, manufacturing rebreather and technical diving equipment. We don't compromise, neither should you. Our reputation is almost as important to us as your satisfaction. We promise to provide comprehensive and practical advice based on whats right for you and never compromise on our integrity and honesty.
WE ARE INNOVATORS, WE DO NOT COPY OTHERS. Copying skips understanding. Understanding is how you grow. You have to understand why something works or why something is how it is. When you copy it, you miss that. You just repurpose the last layer instead of understanding all the layers underneath.

These dust caps are Custom machined out of Acetal…
£ 16,00
This protective head cover for the JJ-ccr (DiveCan…
£ 92,00
This Narked at 90 ltd solenoid is a new updated co…
£ 153,00

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