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Rebreather Experience

Rebreather Experience Rebreatherpro-Training

This Program is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of Rebreathers, and to provide a practical confined water and optional Open Water experience for swimming with a Rebreather. It is not a Qualification

What do I need to start?

You will need to bring all your normal kit along with you, making sure the equipment is in good working order.

What will I do?

- Complete materials from selected text or handouts at Instructor’s discretion.
- Demonstrate ability to maintain buoyancy with Rebreather and to perform basic skills with unit.
- Swim unit in confined water, and may do one optional open water dive to a depth no greater than 15 msw.

Program Limits

- There may be no more than 2 students per instructor.
- All dives must be conducted in depths not to exceed a depth of 15 msw.

Qualification Requirements

This is not a Qualification Program. A wall certificate may be issued at the Instructors discretion stating the diver has participated in a Rebreather Experience on the specified Rebreather unit.

Water Skills Development

- Swim unit and practice buoyancy control.
- Perform basic drills as explained by Instructor.
- Use manual overrides.
- Monitor system.

How long will it take?

The course is run over a single day with the theory taking place in the morning and then individual dives completing in the afternoon.

What will I need?

- Must be a qualified diver.
- Must provide proof of a minimum of 10 logged dives.
- Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorization, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval.

What can I do after this?

Once you have tried rebreathers for the first time, the only step left is to decide which one is for you and when you start your full course.

Rebreathers are your path to a more adventurous diving experience, allowing you to venture deeper for longer whilst keeping warmer and saving gas.

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