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Brand: Lungfish Rebreather

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Revolutionary Rebreathers. Sleek, light-weight rebreathers with the most advanced safety-features and CO2 monitoring available.
Smaller and lighter than competitive rebreathers, the Lungfish compact rebreather is also lighter and far less awkward than most traditional scuba gear and can be easily configured in a variety of ways to meet any dive (and travel) needs:
Main Unit Alone* (Travel ready, first stage, no cylinders): 45cm X 32 cm X 20 cm
Ready to dive (2X 2L Cylinders on base): 65cm X 32cm X 20 cm
Minimum Travel Weight: 9 Kgs*
(not including cylinders, soda-Lime, electronics**
Dive Weight:
Oxygen only unit: 10kg
With 2X 1L aluminium DIN cylinders: 16 kgs***
With 2X 2L aluminium DIN cylinders : 19 kgs
Customizable to other weights with other configurations
2 to 5 hours depending on intensity of diving
* If you transport the oxygen cylinder only and obtain a diluent cylinder, or stage, on site
** If you travel with your Lungfish, take the electronics in hand-luggage
*** Total dive weight depends on cylinder material

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