Heated SANTI undersuit Extreme BZ400

Heated SANTI undersuit Extreme BZ400 Rebreatherpro-Training
Heated SANTI undersuit Extreme BZ400 Rebreatherpro-Training
Heated SANTI undersuit Extreme BZ400 Rebreatherpro-Training
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Brand: Santi

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Heated SANTI undersuit Extreme BZ400 is designed as a part of the complex heating system consisting of the undersuit, thermovalve/connector and an external battery canister.

This configuration allows a diver to wear the gloves under the dry gloves without additional valve and dangers associated with internal batteries.
The outside _ made of durable Polyester, Thinsulate™ 3M BZ400 inner insulation and soft Polar lining. The undersuit is designed to be worn on thermal underwear. In this configuration most of the generated heat is transferred directly to the diver’s body.
Breathable Thinsulate™ Insulation gives you the best thermal protection and takes sweat away from your body. It keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained.

safety switch preventing from overheating and too strong current,
maximum heating temperature 45°C,
maximum heating power: 110W,
run time: 24Ah battery / about 2h 30min – 3h of heating,
made of BZ400 (420g/m2) Thinsulate™ Insulation,
modern generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking,
innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts,
ergonomic nesting and wire layout inside,
integrated heated gloves connection cable,
special undersuit bag included,
CE certified,
available for ladies in “Made to Measure” option.

Works only with SANTI thermovalve and SANTI connector.

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