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Halcyon Focus 2.0

Halcyon Focus 2.0 Rebreatherpro-Training
Halcyon Focus 2.0 Rebreatherpro-Training
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The new Halcyon Focus 2.0 Dive Light is the latest in lighting technology from our friends at Halcyon. Twice the brightness of the origional Focus Dive Light, the Focus 2.0 is the new must have in primary lighting with a blue Delrin body casing. Available in handheld and corded models.


twice the brightness of the Focus
available with standard or E/O cord
comes with 5.2Ah li-ion battery
3.0 hours of burn time on high
5.5 hour of burn time on low
80k lux at 1 metre
Halcyon Focus LED Dive Light, the next generation of LED lighting from a world leader in diving torches. Halcyon decided to take a different approach when developing the new Focus and Flare dive lights. Instead of choosing a high draw LED which would causes issues with effiency from heat production Halcyon developed a new LUX engine, allowing a higher output from a lower powered LED. This ultimately means a brighter output that use less energy and provides longer burn times. The Halcyon Focus Light also employs two reflectors and a frenzel lens which allows the torch beam to be adjusted from a tight, focussed beam all the way through to a soft even flood. When adjusted correctly the tight spot is exceptional and easily betters that of many 21w HID lamps. The flood beam is extremely smooth with no light or dark spots, ideal for lighting up larger areas of a dive site or even providing illumination for video. Halcyon Focus and Flare lights produce around twice the output of a 21w HID light but only use half the power! On the low power setting draw is reduced to only 15% of previous Halcyon lights!

The Halcyon Focus Lighthead features three main components all sealed into a single aluminium housing. The LED Lighthead compromises the LED core, driver module and cable gland. The beam of the Focus lighthead is adjusted by using a large knob on the back of the head, the knob stops at each extreme ensuring that you don't accidently over or under tighten the mechanism and cause damage. The focus adjustment knob is large enough to be used even with drygloved hands. The Halcyon Focus is operated with a sliding magnetic switch located at the back of the lighthead, no more fumbling around for a tiny switch on the top of a battery canister! The switch has three positions; off, low and high. A locking screw allows the switch to be locked at either position to ensure the torch stays on or off. The Focus lighthead utilises a folding goodman handle that is fully adjustable, the same handle can be adjusted for all hand sizes both in width and height. When not in use the handle can be folded up so the lighthead is comepltelty flat, this also has the added bonus of protecting the lens from scratches. Power is supplied to the Focus via a 5.2ah Li-ion battery pack providing upto 5.5 hours on high and upto an incredible 15 hours on low power! The slim form factors is very comfortable to wear on a waist belt and provides enough lengths to stow a longhose underneath.

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