Padi Tec 40

Padi Tec 40 Rebreatherpro-Training

The entry point into the technical range, Tec 40 provides a transition from recreational to technical diving. Although the use of full tech gear (doubles and wings) is preferred, it does allow modified use of recreational gear in some situations, provided the diver has two separate regulators, with one of the first stages fitted with a long hose.

(For example, a main cylinder and pony cylinder combination). The intended working limit for a diver at this level is 40 metres/130 feet with up to 10 minutes of non-accelerated decompression. They may use any EANx mix with up to 50% oxygen content or air. To enrol on the course, a diver must be the equivalent of a PADI Advanced Open Water diver, with an EANx Diver rating and have deep recreational diving experience.

If you're interested in technical diving, but haven't yet met the prerequisites for the Tec 50 course, you can consider enrolling in the DSAT Tec 40. It is the first rung in the Tec Deep ladder, the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver course consists of the first four dives.

Because you can do one of these dives in confined water (such as a swimming pool), many divers start the Tec 40 courses in the winter months, ready to continue in open water when spring arrives. You will learn to use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with no more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres.

Most people learn technical diving in backmount (both cylinders located on back), if you want to take this course and in sidemount (one cylinder located separately under each arm) and find out why side mount configuration is superior.

What do I need to start?

You use recreational scuba equipment, with some minor additions to enhance your ability to deal with tec diving conditions.

Tec Deep Student Crew-Pak, which includes student manual, planning slate and checklist slate (need a few weeks before the start of the Course to allow you time to complete all Knowledge Reviews etc)

What will I do?

You'll learn to:
- Use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with no more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres.
- Use a single cylinder of decompression gas with up to 50 percent oxygen (EANx50) to add conservatism to the required decompression.

Since it's part of the course, your PADI Tec 40 course training credits toward the PADI Tec 45 and Tec 50 courses.

How long will it take?

The course is planned to have an ongoing training schedule as each students requirements are different. Please contact us for more details.

What will I need?

- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent)
- PADI Enriched Air Diver (or equivalent)
- PADI Deep Diver (or equivalent)
- Have a minimum of 50 logged dives, of which at least 10 must be enriched air dives, 12 must be deeper than 18 metres/60 feet and at least six must be deeper than 30 metres
- Minimum age: 18 years old

What can I do after this?

Now you have taken the first step, your next course is the PADI TecRec Tec45 course where you will learn:
- The skills and equipment and planning need to dive to a maximum of 45 metres
- The knowledge to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives using a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops.
- There would be no time limit to amount of decompression
- Prepare for and respond to foreseeable technical diving emergencies
- Master the basic skills and procedures you’ll need as you move into deeper technical diving

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