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IANTD MOD3 Full Trimix CCR

IANTD MOD3 Full Trimix CCR Rebreatherpro-Training

This Program is designed to train divers in the safer use and technology of Rebreathers for deep diving to depths in excess of 60 msw.

The knowledge and skills taught in this program are more than adequate to qualify divers to perform Trimix Dives outside of training up to 100 msw.

What do I need to start?

- IANTD CCR Trimix Diver Student Kit.
- Must own or have direct access to the specific Rebreather model being taught.

What will I do?

- Lecture material adequate to cover the needs of the specific Rebreather and Trimix diving knowledge. All lectures completed with IANTD Course-specific Slides pertaining to the theory in the IANTD Trimix CCR Diver Student Kit. A confined water session must be completed prior to a minimum of 320 minutes in water training time and a minimum of 4 dives.
- For those who are already OC Trimix Divers this Program must include a confined water session and a minimum of 150 minutes of in water training time, using Trimix or Heliox, completed within at least 2 open-water or overhead-environment dives.
- For divers not previously qualified as OC Trimix Divers, but who are Normoxic Trimix qualified a confined water session and 240 minutes of run time to be completed within 3 dives. If the Program includes the combination of Normoxic Trimix Diver and Trimix Diver, all dives must be performed on the Rebreather for a minimum of 480 minutes of in water training time completed within at least 7 open-water or overhead-environment dives. One dive must be to at least 60 msw or deeper. vNo dives may be conducted deeper than 100 msw.

Program Limits

- There may be no more than 4 students per Instructor.
- All dives must be conducted to depths between 39 msw and 100 msw.
- Inspired oxygen partial pressure may not exceed 1.30 PO2 on a dive or 1.4 PO2 on decompression.
- All dives must be completed within the IANTD oxygen CNS% limits.
- All appropriate safety or required decompression stops must be performed.
- Each team must carry stages or adequate bailout gas or bailout rebreathers to get 1 1/2 divers to the surface on CCR.

Water Skills Development

A confined water session must be completed before conducting any OW dives.

  • Pack absorbent canister.
  • Perform leak test.
  • Perform loss of gas drill.
  • Simulate bailout procedures. (SCR, OC and Buddy OC).
  • Ascend using bailout for at least 9 msw from a depth of at least 60 msw. Record time lapsed and gas used.
  • Perform SCR bailout for minimum of 10 minutes on at least one dive.
  • Exchange of stage cylinders or long hose to a dive buddy who has used 50% of their bailout
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all skills on the CCR diver skills tables as well as all skills in the CCR
  • Normoxic Trimix diver course.
  • React to simulation of oxygen by pass due to faulty manual addition valves or switching assemblies
  • Practice system monitoring.
  • Swim 18 meters without breathing, and exhaling slowly, and then perform bailout procedure
  • Deploy and use a lift bag or up line at least once in OW.
  • While swimming, demonstrate efficient switch to stage cylinder regulators.
  • Following a means of reference (pool wall, guide line, ship railing, etc.) with eyes closed, remove stage cylinders and swim a distance of at least 4.5 meters. Reverse direction, return to stage cylinders and replace them on correct sides, identifying each cylinder by feel.
  • Simulate the rescue of a diver. Tow the diver on the surface for a distance of at least 12 meters while simulating mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Go through EMS procedures and remove equipment from victim in the water (equipment removal must be accomplished in less than 1 1/2 minutes, students in continuous webbing who cannot have their equipment removed within the time limit must add a quick release to their harness). Repeat until proficient.

How long will it take?

The IANTD MOD3 CCR full trimix course is run to student schedules

What will I need?

- Must be qualified as an IANTD Normoxic CCR Diver, or if entering the Program based on equivalent experience, must be qualified as either Normoxic Trimix Diver or Trimix Diver (OC) or must be taking the Normoxic CCR Diver and Trimix Diver course on an approved Rebreather for mixed gas diving, with all dives other than confined water made on Trimix or Heliox. Note all CCR Trimix Divers must have completed the Normoxic CCR lectures and skills.
- Must provide proof of a minimum of 200 logged dives or sufficient experience doing technical dives to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.
- 50 hours of dive time is required on the specific Rebreather for which the diver is being trained.
- Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

What can I do after this?

Now you can enjoy the diving you have always planned to do. Those deep wrecks are now accessible and you can plan to see things you have only dreamed of until now.

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