CCR Training in Spain

  • CCR AP diving divers waiting for the submarine to come past. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • CCR divers descending to the wreck of the blue bird. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Look at the amount of fish around the Rebreather divers. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Amazing marine life for rebreather diving. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Not a rebreather, but a submarine for the tourists in Gran Canaria Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Wreck diving with rebreather during training Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Rebreather diver celebrating passing his level 1 course Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Rebreather diver on the reef of Arinaga. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Rebreather diver diving bubble free Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Stress management skills on the a rebreather course. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • A night out after 2 weeks of rebreather training in Gran Canaria Rebreatherpro-Training
  • GiGi and Matt going Rebreather diving in Spain. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Matt Astil from Dive Academy Gran Canaria on his Mod1 Rebreather course Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Diver working on their trim on ascend/ descend training. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Dave and Dave diving of Canary Diving Adventures rib. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Rebreather divers during their normoxic training Mod 2 course Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Bubble free diving whilst using a rebreather. Rebreatherpro-Training
  • Rebreather divers on the Mogan wrecks in Gran Canaria Rebreatherpro-Training
  • GiGi having a joke about his buoyancy during his rebreather training Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Kevin - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Kevin

Congratulations to Kevin who completed his TDI JJ-CCR crossover course this week at Stoney Cove !! Kevin’s CCR journey has been an up and down experience so far, but now I think he has the a rebrea... read more »

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan who completed their TDI Advanced Mixed Gas Hypoxic Trimix course last weekend at NDAC !! Everyone came on leaps and bounds during the course and it was a pleas... read more »

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