I would like to introduce The Fairey Swordfish

I would like to introduce The Fairey Swordfish

I would like to introduce The Fairey Swordfish Rebreatherpro-Training

I would like to introduce The Fairey Swordfish, one of the new wrecks opening up in Malta which lies in 70m of the coast of Sliema!!

I have been privileged to work with the University of Malta over the last years !! They have been working hard to prepare the wrecks to be opened to the public ????

The Fairey Swordfish was a biplane torpedo bomber designed by the Fairey Aviation Company. Originating in the early 1930s, the Swordfish, nicknamed "Stringbag", was operated by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, in addition to having been equipped by the Royal Air Force (RAF) alongside multiple overseas operators, including the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and the Royal Netherlands Navy. It was initially operated primarily as a fleet attack aircraft. During its later years, the Swordfish became increasingly used as an anti-submarine and training platform. The type was in frontline service throughout the Second World War, but it was already considered obsolete at the outbreak of the conflict in 1939.
Nonetheless, the Swordfish achieved some spectacular successes during the war. Notable events included sinking one battleship and damaging two others of the Regia Marina (the Italian Navy) during the Battle of Taranto, and the famous attack on the Bismarck, which contributed to her eventual demise. By the end of the war, the Swordfish held the distinction of having caused the destruction of a greater tonnage of Axis shipping than any other Allied aircraft. The Swordfish remained in front-line service until V-E Day, having outlived multiple aircraft that had been intended to replace it in service.

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#jjccr_official — with Fritz Farrugia in Malta.

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