Natty the explorer

Natty the explorer Rebreatherpro-Training

Natty the explorer in Ginnie springs :-)

Living the dream one dive at a time !!

Ginnie Springs is a popular destination for scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing and camping.[3] There is an onsite dive shop offering PADI scuba diving training.[1]. This is also 1 of 2 sources of Zephyrhills bottled spring water

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Congratulations to Stephen and Christopher - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Stephen and Christopher

Congratulations to Stephen and Christopher who completed their TDI Advanced Mixed Gas course this week at Vobster and NDAC !! With started out also with Ady, but unfortunately due to a drysuit suit pr... read more »

Congratulations to Scott Pendry - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Scott Pendry

Congratulations to Scott who completed his TDI JJ-CCR Crossover course this week at Stoney Cove!! Scott came to the course with an already very high level of ability with good core stability, this mad... read more »

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