Congratulations to David and Tony !!

Congratulations to David and Tony !! Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to David and Tony who completed their Mod 3 Hypoxic Full Trimix courses today on their JJ-CCR's. They have both been working very hard the last few months and completed today with a great dive on the HMS Hurst Castle (K416), which was a Castle-class corvette of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. She was named after Hurst Castle at the western end of the Solent in Southern England.

Built by the Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Dundee and launched on 23 February 1944, she served as a convoy escort during the Second World War. She was sunk by the German submarine U-482 on 1 September 1944 northwest of Ireland whilst part of the escort for convoy CU-36. The submarine fired a single T-5 Gnat - German Navy Acoustic Torpedo. Sixteen of the ship's company were killed, the youngest, Donald Bennett, being only sixteen

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Congratulations to Kevin - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Kevin

Congratulations to Kevin who completed his TDI JJ-CCR crossover course this week at Stoney Cove !! Kevin’s CCR journey has been an up and down experience so far, but now I think he has the a rebrea... read more »

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan

Congratulations to Jack, David and Ryan who completed their TDI Advanced Mixed Gas Hypoxic Trimix course last weekend at NDAC !! Everyone came on leaps and bounds during the course and it was a pleas... read more »

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