A busy week

A busy week Rebreatherpro-Training

It’s been a busy few days this week, starting at the weekend with Andy and Kate, who were making their theory sections of their upcoming courses in Malta. Then to James who has been working towards his TDI OC normoxic trimix course and today with Paul who started his TDI Advanced Nitrox course in preparation for his JJ-CCR course starting in a few weeks :-) Also pictured is a REAL wife would supplied her husband with brain food for the course, otherwise know as chocolate profiteroles (take not Ellen Gration ;-)

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tdi CCR rebreather full cave course - Rebreatherpro-Training

tdi CCR rebreather full cave course

Congratulations to everyone that completed their CCR Rebreather Full Cave class this last two weeks in Cave Country France ???? Living the dream, one dive at a time !! #rebreatherprotraining #TDI ... read more »

Congratulations to Grant, Tony and Chris - Rebreatherpro-Training

Congratulations to Grant, Tony and Chris

A little late due to a crazy week out here in Malta, but congratulations to Grant, Tony and Chris for all their hard work during their TDI Mixed Gas Course last week !! Grant and Tony passed with flyi... read more »

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