A diver (Tony Youseman) on one of the quadruple propellersRebreather training in Malta.JJ CCR Level 1 course with IARTRebreather diver in the red seaKiss rebreather diver on the HMS stubborn in malta.


With Rebreatherpro-Training it is all about technical diver training and going diving !! We are able to offer you a full range of both Open Circuit, Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses and training from beginner through to instructor.

All training for Technical Diver Courses and Rebreather Courses can be run through the diving agency of your choice, including IANTD,TDI IART, ITDA & PADI.

We are always committed to provide you with quality/affordable training, where your safety is our priority !! All training is run in small groups, so your needs are always met.

We are also able to arrange your training and course in the location of your choice, whether it is in an inland dive site like Stoney Cove, Vobster or you would prefer the warmer waters of The Red Sea, Malta or the Canary Islands.

Looking to buy your first rebreather ?? We always have a stock of second hand rebreathers, so if you are looking to purchase a unit, then please contact us for further information.

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Cargo of the Benghazi - This photo was taken inside the cargo hold of the Benghazi. She is completely full of glassware of all types.

The German motorvessel Bengasi (originally the Danish mv. Almena, taken over by the Vichy Government and later seized by the Germans and renamed Benghazi) was torpedoed and sunk by British submarine HMS Turbulent off Cape Carbonara, Sardinia.

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