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Continue your education.

Although you may have completed your training course, this does not mean that you should stop training. It has been proven that it can take as much as 25 repetitive days to turn training into muscle memory skills. It has also been proven that most individuals only retain 25% of the information and training that they receive on a course.

So with these thoughts in mind, my advise to you is to keep training, make time to review your skills, either with your dive buddy or a qualified instructor or continue your education by making further courses, which will build on what you have already learn and take you to the next level.

In one way it is unfortunate that the rebreathers available today, on the whole are very reliable, as this often leads to complacency, meaning poorly trained and maintain skill level are the first thing to be forgotten when the unit has a failure.

We at Rebreatherpro-Training are also available if you wish to make a skill review session or simple need a reminder on the correct procedures for a given failure.

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